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M. Sc.

Dorian Kürschner

Instruction and Research Department for Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Manufacturing Processes



Phone: +49 241 8906 229
Fax Fax: +49 241 8906 112

Background Areas of Focus

Dorian Kürschner studied physics at Cologne university and got his masters degree in 2018. Within his masterthesis he developed a simulation tool in cooperation with the NLD that is able to predict the asymptotic geometry for ultrashort pulsed laser-drilled holes in carbon fiber preforms. He was a student associate in the group for laser drilling at LLT/ILT since 2015 and became a group member of the NLD in 2019.

Areas of Focus
His research area at NLD is the modeling and simulation of laser manufacturing processes. His research focuses on the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses and thin semiconducting layers. The identification and simulation of the relevant processes are the focus of his scientific work at the NLD.