M. Sc. Khuldoon Usman


M. Sc.

Khuldoon Usman

Instruction and Research Department for Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Manufacturing Processes


Building: Fraunhofer ILT

Room: 1028

Steinbachstr. 15

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 8906 268
Fax Fax: +49 241 8906 112


Khuldoon Usman did his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 from the National University
of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan followed by a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and
Management from TU Hamburg in 2021. During his masters’ thesis, his focus was on carrying out
numerical investigations for improving the conditioning of system matrices in the Finite Cell Method.
He also worked as a student researcher there working on implementing Finite Element Methods in
different open-source programs. In November 2021, he joined the NLD team as a research associate.

Areas of Focus

His work focuses on developing a simulation tool for solving the problem of residual stress and
unwanted distortion in Laser Bed Powder Fusion (LPBF) process also known as Selective Laser
Melting (SLM). Key goals are to develop an accurate yet flexible heat source model for temperature
calculation from process parameters as well as a numerically efficient thermomechanical model for
stress analysis.